Welcome to Firebrandx's custom NTSC profiles page for the XRGB-mini Framemeister!

This page will serve as a reference guide for the various integer-based (and some non-integer) NTSC profiles for the XRGB-mini Framemeister. Provided on this page are thumbnail links to each console, expansion and/or adapter device. When you click on these thumbnails, you'll be taken to a detailed breakdown of the entry values for the profiles of that hardware, as well as demonstration pics (50% resized) of the profiles in action.
Note this is a work in progress. Many pages still need to be made, but you can download all the profiles anyway from the main package link:

Framemeister Profiles as of June 2nd, 2017

Donations are welcome and will be applied to shipping for on-loan hardware coverage like Atari Jaguar and other missing consoles from the list. Much appreciated!

News June 2nd, 2017:

After more users notifying me with hardware compatibility issues concerning 'deep color' mode, I went back and rewrote all profiles to have this function turned off. It is effectively useless anyway, as all it does is force 12-bit color mode in the HDMI output signal. Since no console to date uses anything higher than 8-bit color, we can safely disregard this feature and leave it off by default. Even if you don't have any current problems with the old profiles, you'll still want to replace them with the new package as you might encounter issues down the road with new hardware like an HDMI matrix switcher for example.

I also added in a new folder of "1080 Producer Profiles". These are completely unmasked profiles for a few of the consoles that I had wrote complex mask settings on in the main profiles folder. They are meant for video production experts that prefer to mask and crop their video captures in their own video production software.

News April 14th, 2017:

Turbo-Duo profiles added! These are based on Voultar's superb RGB board mod, but in theory 'should' work just as well for unmodded TG consoles.

Also wanted to pointed out some recent issues and how to solve them:

1. Several complaints have come in about profiles loading into a blank screen and seemingly not working. In every case, this was due to people using an input mode other than RGB. Since I save the default video input variable as RGB, the profile will show a blank screen when the user tries to load it on composite video input for example. If this happens, all you have to do is wait about 15 seconds after loading the profile, then press the input button you want to use on the Framemeister's remote. It will switch over to it after about 10 seconds and your picture should come up just fine. If you want to avoid this hassle in the future, simply re-save the profile after switching to the proper input, and it will change the default input source to your preferred input the next time you load the profile.

2. UHDTV (or often called 4KTV) users have been discovering strange frame rate issues when attempting to use the Framemeister on them. It seems most of these issues can be solved by changing the Sync_Mode to "Off" instead of "Auto". However, keep in mind that the frame rate will now behave like most emulators, where it will look smooth most of the time, but occasionally the frame rate will jump or stall in order to re-sync with the console.

Before You Begin:

1. It's essential to remember that as of firmware revision 2.02 for the Framemeister, ONLY 20 profiles can be accessed from the Framemeister's onscreen menu system. As such, you'll want to pick your 20 most important profiles to put on your microSD card, with the rest being stored elsewhere if needed.

2. Certain settings will not load from the profile unless you use "Load" instead of "Load_Select". For example, In order for "Zoom" to be turned on from the profile, you have to use the "Load" option.

3. Next, these profiles are only designed for the specific input type they are listed for, and are only designed to work with 1080p output. So in other words, attempting to use a D-terminal profile for your S-Video cable will likely not work as intended.

4. Lastly, please read my article on the finer points of custom profile use and some important aspects of the Framemeister's various functions. This can be viewed here: Important General Framemeister Notes

Profiles by Hardware:

(click the console image of your choice for profile details)


I also wrote an article detailing my quest for pixel perfection started in the late 1980's:

FirebrandX's Pixel Purist Background Story


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