Silent Hill Complete Soundtrack Ultimate Edition


Like my prior projects with part 2 & 3, the Silent Hill CST Ultimate Edition is an attempt to provide a chronologically accurate list of every recoverable track that appears in the game. Also contained in this CST set are four bonus tracks at the end of disc 3.

Here are the benefits of this CST package:

1. Direct digital extraction of the music elements.

2. Professional quality mixing and editing.

3. EVERY recoverable music track in the game is featured on this set.

5. A unique numbering system that sections the tracks according to major points in the game (similar to "acts" in a story line).

6. Lossless flac format download. Finally users can download a lossless set for burning to CDs, or to make their own format conversions to mp3, ogg, and so on.

7. 300-dpi covers and CD label artwork already print sized and ready to print off. The cover inserts include the standard 1/8th inch bleed-over for trimming once printed.

Below is the link to the zip package on filetrip:

Silent Hill CST download


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