Hareware: Super Game Boy Ouput: RGB 21-pin

NTSC RGB Profiles for the Super Game Boy:

This profile was designed for the American NTSC Super Game Boy adapter using RGB + CSync output. As with all my profiles, the intended output from the Framemeister is 1080p/60. Make sure your Framemeister is set to this output mode, and make sure to check "ZOOM" is set to "ON" after you load the profile. Also remember that the profiles themselves can be downloaded from the main page, while these hardware-specific pages are to document the settings contained within each profile.

SGBRGB7X (Super Game Boy RGB 7X scaled)

This profile scales the image to 7x the original Game Boy image area. You'll want to first use the SNSRGB4X profile so that you can see to navigate the Super Game Boy menu, which you will then use to set the outside border area to black. Once this is done, you can load up the SGBRGB7X profile to enjoy a nearly full screen experience!

If you have access to your HDTV's ability to change its overscan mode (stuff like 5%, 10%, none, full pixel, etc.), the suggested display setting would be zoom turned off. For my Sony display, this is the FULL PIXEL setting. For other brands, they may refer to it as 1:1 pixel ratio for example. Please do not confuse the overscan zoom functions described here with your display's standard zoom functions (i.e. "Cinema", "Wide Stretch", etc.).

How SGBRGB7X Should Appear on a 1920x1080p Display:

SGBRGB7X Display

If you prefer being able to see the Super Game Boy's custom border artwork, please use either SNSRGB4X or SNSRGB5X.

SGBRGB7X Settings Breakdown:




          BRIGHTNESS: 25
          GAMMA: 19
          BLACK: 0
          SHARPNESS: 0


          H_POS: 64
          V_POS: 32
          H_WIDTH: 32
          V_WIDTH: 32
          AUTO_SCALER: OFF
          H_SCALER: 4
          V_SCALER: 7


          ZOOM: ON
          ZOOM_SIZE: 62
          ZOOM_H_POS: 50
          ZOOM_V_POS: 49
          ZOOM_WIDTH: 75
          ZOOM_OVERSCAN: 96

A/D_SET (under the "SPECIAL" menu):

          MANUAL_A/D: ON
          A/D_LEVEL: 120


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